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Using CCI and Stochastics For Long and Short Term Forex Trading

Expert: Sam Seiden, Stocks, Futures, Forex and Options Trader at Online Trading Academy
Moderator: Maud Gilson, Conference Manager

In this session, we will discuss a simple strategy that if followed, can produce very low risk/high reward trading opportunities for the short term and long term Forex trader.

Webinar presented by Online Trading Academy and FXstreet.com


ibironke, A.O

hi, pls send the transcript to my mail

Maud Gilson


What do you mean by transcript? The Powerpoint used in the presentation? I have to ask permission to Sam Seiden. And please provide us with your email address... Thank you!

Maud Gilson
Live Sessions Manager FXstreet.com

Arthur Sigoh

Hi, Im new to forex trading. Really interested to learn more. For your information, I involve in forex trading a year ago and still need more knowledge especially in terms of technical analysis.

I appreciate that if you can send me a copy of that presentation to my email. Thank you.

Arthur Sigoh


I'm newbies in forex trading. i appreciate if you can send me this presentation to my email so i can watch it off line.
anton indonesia


Would you snd this presentation to my e-mail

Maud Gilson


This video cannot be sent to your email, I'm sorry. You can only watch it online. Thank you for your understanding.

Maud Gilson


What is the setting of the Stochastic and the CCI ?


I am a seasoned trader and I confirm that the CCI used in association with Stochastics is a superior way of trading. Make sure the number of periods in the CCI and Stochs are adjusted correctly to your timeframe.
One other helpful pointer is to use trednlines on BOTH the chart and each of the indicators. When all agree extremely high probability trade coming up!

Terry Simonton

I would like to view this presentation but it stops after 1:30 and just keeps trying to load. Is there a setting that needs correcting somewhere? Other videos play fine. Thank you for the interesting content.

Maud Gilson

Hi Terry,

we have checked the video and it works well until the end. I'm afraid problem is at your end. It depends on your internet connection and bandwidth. Try it again later.

Kind Regards,
Maud Gilson


is there an ea for this system for mt4, i like it very much and would like to trade this way

victoria ogundele

kindly send a copy to my mail box as ive always enjoy and benefit immensely from Sams write-ups.

Luis Santos

Hi I would likte to know if its possible to send me the presentation. I would apreciate it. thank you.

John DiStefano

is t possible to register for Sam's webinar today 2/27? Can't seem to find the link


This is one of the best presentations I have seen on the internet. Can you mail a copy of this presentation to my email address.
And also what is the appropriate setting for the CCI and stochastic.

Maud Gilson

Dear Luis Santos,
Sam's webinar of 27th has been canceled at the last minute (Sam had a technical problem). We will reschedule soon. Check our schedule to stay tuned: http://www.fxstreet.com/live/sessions/

By the way, this is a Premium webinar. To attend, you have to have an FXstreet.com Premium account. You'll find more information here: http://www.fxstreet.com/services/premium/info.aspx
You can request a 3 week free trial!

Best Regards,
Maud Gilson


bijan  eslam

i think your web site is cool
i have been trained by proffassional and people who are on this webinar are more experience than i am
i rely enjoy your webinar
they are amoung the best in forex world

Maud Gilson

Thanks a lot for your comments Bijan... Glad to know you appreciate our webinars!

Maud Gilson
Live Sessions Manager


Can I have a copy of this presentation to my email address.
And also what is the appropriate setting for the CCI and stochastic.

Thank you


I have repeatedly try to view this webniar from three different computers and it will not load. All the other posted webniar works ok. Can you offer any suggestions?

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