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Understanding The Exact Process Behind The Movement In Price

Expert: Sam Seiden, Stocks and Commodities Instructor, Author and Mentor at Online Trading Academy
Moderator: Maud Gilson, Conference Manager

We discuss markets and charts, a deeper understanding of what is going on behind the candles, bars, and lines you see on a chart. In other words, Sam discusses the mechanics of how and why prices move in markets. This is not random or chance or anything like that. Prices move because of one ongoing supply and demand equation that is easily seen on price charts if you know what you are looking for.

Webinar presented by Online Trading Academy and FXstreet.com


Meethale Purayil Yousaf

Thanks for the your Webinar Presentation which i found very informative and usefull.
I would appreciate if you can send your presentation slides for my future use to tade.

Thanks and regards

Bryan Grace

Yes loved this have been newby for few months gone to earning on demos and have enjoyed and learned from sams email the webinar is iceing on the cake would you advise me what cd would be best from your library that would continue from this upwards in forex I would like to find out how a longer time frame influence the smaller ones and how to use and when not to use them but to reiterate enjoyable best regards enjoy the day Bryan

Robert J Mee

Can I use this meth
ide with options.


This is probably the best webinar on the whole fx street webcasts..... Very valuable for someone who is a humble student :) Great job, Sam!!!

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