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Capture reversal points with the use of indicators and oscillators

Expert: Sam Seiden, Stocks and Commodities Instructor, Author and Mentor at Online Trading Academy
Moderator: Maud Gilson, Conference Manager

Having traded Forex for so many years and also having watched new traders develop over the years
has shown Sam what works and what doesn't in Forex trading with regard to the importance of trendlines.
We will discuss how to use indicators and oscillators to capture trading points.

Webinar presented by Online Trading Academy and FXstreet.com



Why was this called "The Importance of Trend Lines in Forex and How To Use Them"?

The entire presentation was about indicators.....


There was absoutely no mention of using trendlines, very disapointed.

Maud Gilson


you are both right, we have now modified the title. It better matches to the real content of this webinar. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Maud Gilson


Watched your demo, this morning, on Reversal_Turning Points etc.. Liked the presentation and will continue to follow.

Many thanks.


What are the technical settings on chart, bb cci time frame etc

Maud Gilson

Dear Harsih,

Settings are:

Bollinger band - setting is 20, 2, -2.0
CCI is 14, 100, -100
time frames is 15 minutes

I hope it helps. Thank you!

Maud Gilson

Nic Vos

Is there a way of downloading these webinars other than watching them from here. The problem is that most of them runs for about 10 min and then stops, You waste a lot of bandwith and do not see the whole lesson. Maybe these files could be zipped and downloaded to ensure that you actually gets the complete webinar,


Maud Gilson

Dear Nic,

we don't make these videos downloadable to keep a certain control on them. I hope you understand. Thank you

Maud Gilson

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