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Conventional Chart Patterns and Forex

Expert: Sam Seiden, Stocks and Commodities Instructor, Author and Mentor at Online Trading Academy
Moderator: Maud Gilson, Conference Manager

What do the patterns really mean in Forex? Here, we will look beyond the simple pattern and understand which patterns work, why they work, and the opportunities they represent.

Webinar presented by Online Trading Academy and FXstreet.com



As usual very good stuff from Mr. Seiden. I find his tutoring very helpfull. Regretfully this seminar the recording did not get me the last 6 minutes as the playback stops at that level. I would really like to hear all of Mr Seidens session as I have listened in to all of his sessions.

Maud Gilson

Dear MajorHunter,

Thanks for your nice comments.

The video works fine until the finish. It's probably at your end, due to your connection and slow buffering or caché.
Please try again.


Maud Gilson


Great Webinar about entries, price analysis, support and resistance. Interesting topics for the novice-intermediate trader.



Great video but doesn't last more than 5 minutes... then it stops playing

Maud Gilson

Dear Radoslaw,

the video works fine until the end, we have checked it. It is surely your internet connection and/or bandwidth. You can maybe try again later.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Maud Gilson

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